TJ Dixon & James Nelson - Sculptors: The Secret
TJ Dixon & James Nelson - Sculptors: The Secret


The Secret






The Wolfstein Sculpture Park at Scripps Memorial Hospital


La Jolla, CA

The Secret

The fish had a secret he wanted to share
with the girl on the beach who had nary a care
to catch her attention and beckon her out
he leapt from the water and twirled about

His scales were golden, his fins were like wings
when the little girl saw him, she started to sing
“Oh fishy, my fishy, come play with me!”
and into the water she ran with great glee.

The fish swam toward her, his heart pumping wild
for now he could share what he knew with this child.
She dove underwater and swam to his side
as he wiggled his way to her ear to confide:

Wave taught me something she learned from the loon
who learned from the sun, who learned from the moon,
who learned from the oak tree, who learned from the cat,
who learned from the owl this wonderful fact.

That under our feathers, our fins and our furs,
under our gobbles and growls and words,
there’s something as real as water and sun
that holds us together and makes us all one.

It’s wider than sky and deeper than sea,
above and below and inside you and me.
“You mean love?” asked the girl, and the fish said “Oh my,
you knew all along!” and she laughed in reply.

“I learned from the flower, who learned from the seed
that love is the only thing anyone needs
Because love leads to sharing, and caring and fun
and you don’t feel alone when you know we”re all one.”

They looked at each other with joy in their eyes,
“I love you, my fishy,” the little girl sighed.
“And I love you too,” the fishy did say
then they laughed and they played for the rest of the day.

Poem by Jan Phillips ©2004 Jan Phillips